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Dude mocking the other dude about eating bird feathers made me bust (as he discards a perfectly edible bird).

Nice, some of that opening imagery reminds me of Giorgio de Chirico paintings.

Excellent. Got's some Ghost in the Shell vibes in the beginning there. Love how all the parts are in a modelers kit. Cool tunes / sound design too.

PartTimeSeagull responds:

hell yeah dude. i tried getting the first shot to be a 1 for 1 in a way. glad you noticed

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Really solid game for only 72 hours, damn. Novel take on the whole "snake" game type. I like the rogue elements too. I could totally see this being expanded upon. I like the nod to Galaga (i'm assuming) with that enemy that steals a part from you and you've gotta gun'em down to get it back. When you're stocked with weapons it's pretty great to see them all firing off.

Theme B is <3<3

That lvl select music. So gewd.
Nice game so far. I like the subtle references to other classic games in the beginning lvl (mario pipe? and a "headhog" hallway you can go to). I like the lvl designs and locations as well. Them Backgrounds are vast and encompassing. This would be cool on like...the 3DS or something :D

So much potential. Little oversights make these game unnecessarily tedious. I think most people have summed up what I'd say about the game.

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Compared to the other tracks. So lively. I love it, man.
Such a great vibe. Capturing the overview of life on Earth.
I can imagine close-range drone shots over our cities or something.
Planetary time-lapses of our day/night cycle as you see our city lights come on at night.
(No bullshit in sight).
Wonderful keys and percs. Love the sound of the snare. Nothing bad to say. Even if I was in a bad mood, I couldn't front it...

If there was one planet to feature sampling of the other planets tunes, it'd be Earth.

Dig the bits of found sound in the outro.


I'd love to hear that continue for just a bit longer. I love the kicks and the light ride build up there. I can hear it going places before it falls off! I can hear a melodic subby bassline raising the mood if it continued. The it falls off... Then builds into the bouncy bass bit @3:17.

I do think it works as is, I can just hear some magic in that small section. Such a lovely and really fitting little ambient build up. That entire middle section pays some good homage to the original tune.

Love how you cut this tune up though. Keep the motivation up. I know it can be hard. I've been in the same boat these last handful of months. This track has such a hopeful and motivated vibe though.

Me and my bro have been playing some modded minecraft (Sevtech) this last month and it's been wonderful. I always love when Haggstrom comes on. Mods always bring me back to this game every once in a while.

I've always wanted to do a remix myself. Maybe one daaaaay. Living Mice perhaps?

MusicbyFlups responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I'm still experimenting with building stuff up but i'm glad you like the middel section!
I have a lot of projects that i lost motivation for and its nice to finish something again. Making this was fun though so you should totally try to remix something one day! I'd love to hear it :)

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For them night-owl heroes.

I feel this.


One of yer besssstsssss.

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